Claire Robinson, Ice Cream & Bacon

About a week ago, I got an interesting email in my inbox. Its subject line read “Hi Amanda! It’s Diane (formerly) of Bon Appétit”. That had me extremely intrigued.

Then I opened the email. Diane had discovered my blog when my Chocolate-Malt Cake had been featured on the Bon Appétit Blog as one of the recipes for “What People are Cooking” in September and she had been following it since. She had left Bon Appétit recently and now worked for Electric Artists, a social media strategy company.

Her coworker Matt, worked with the Food Network.

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Buckeye Cake

Do you know what a buckeye cake is?

Actually, let’s start a little smaller.

Do you know what buckeye candy is?

It’s essentially sweetened, buttered peanut butter (did you know you can butter peanut butter?) dipped in chocolate. I like to think of it as a cousin to the peanut butter cup.

So then, the buckeye cake?

Like a peanut butter cup, supersized, with the bottom layer of chocolate replaced with a dense chocolate cake.

I know. I’m excited too.

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