Sharing something a little different.

Hey there party people! So you may have noticed, the picture above is not of food. It’s something I’ve been getting “geek crafty” with and been pushing to finish by Thursday to wear somewhere pretty geeky.


Probably, but only if I spend the next few nights working on it. It’s my first big crocheting project, so I’m not very fast. What does that mean for you guys, my lovely party people?

No update this week. Aside from this one. Which doesn’t count because there’s no food in it.

At least no food from me.

I figure, if I don’t have time to bake and edit photos for you guys, why don’t I share other food related things on the internet I love?

So I bring you Cooking Comically by Tyler Capps. Recipes as explained with the wit and hilarity of a spunky stick man? Yeah, I can get behind that.

I’m just going to include excerpts in an attempt to entice you to go to his site. He’s just starting out so give him some views! (by the by, I don’t even know the guy, I just think he’s hilarious enough to deserve it.)

He blends frozen bananas with peanut butter, chocolate ice cream and Reese’s Pieces. Yeah, that’s a thing. And I will be eating it.

A sample of his humour that I thoroughly enjoy:

I love that he understands the grazing we cooks and bakers must endure. It’s not pigging out. It’s a matter of life and death for the human race.

Anyhow, you should really click though on this link or the link above or any of the pictures and check out the whole recipe. There’s only one other recipe on the site so far for chili, but there should be more down the line. I can’t wait!

I will update on the geeky crochet if it ever completes. Which it will! By Thursday. For it must. Or this lack of update was for naught.

And I hate when things are for naught.


3 thoughts on “Sharing something a little different.

  1. Sometimes life gets so busy it’s hard to post something. So enjoy your food break and have fun crocheting. I’ve been toying with the idea lately of making some jewelry, something I use to do a lot.

    I’ll look forward to your next food post or maybe you’ll share your crochet piece.

  2. I totally get the crochet thing. I’ve done it many times myself with either crochet or cross stitch. Can’t sleep cause you got to finish. Can’t cook, must work on project! It is what it is, Angel. Can’t help our obsessions. If that means we’re geeks, then we are. So? (must put major sarcasm with that ‘So?’)

    I just ate the most amazing Oreo Brownie bar something something from Sweet Street Desserts, and now am obsessed with finding copycat recipe! OMG! Total recipe geek!

  3. Vicki – Thanks so much for being so kind! What kind of jewelry do you make?

    Shan – Haha, I do the same thing, when I eat a recipe I love, I obsess over figuring out how I might make my own version…

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