Cinnamon Roll Muffins

It’s tiiiime for another edition of… It’s a lazy Sunday but I still want some baked goods!

It’s a working title.

I know it’s not actually Sunday, but sometimes Sundays can be so lazy that you don’t get around to telling anyone about them until a few days later.

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Mint Oreo Truffles

Can we talk for a second about guilty pleasures?

I’m more of a guy’s girl than a girly girl. Probably about 90% of my friends are male. I play video games, watch the hockey play-offs and can dole out the potty humour with the best of them.¬†However, I am a sucker for girly TV shows & movies.

I’m a Charlotte, with a touch of Carrie.

I hope Allison is the next top model.

I have watched a certain movie that stars Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan approximately a hojillion times.

Yeah, hojillion is a number. A big one.

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