It’s not you, it’s me… no, wait, that came out all wrong. It makes it sound like I’m breaking up with you folks, which I certainly do not want to do. I meant it’s my fault this blog has been so dead and nothing to do with any of you lovely folks. It’s more like we went on a break as opposed to a “break-up” but you probably thought it was just a fight but then I slept with the copy-girl and it got all confusing and… I didn’t mean to sleep with her, I meant to come straight back to you because I love you so, but once the betrayal was there, the longer I stayed away and the harder it was for me to admit my mistakes and….


I’m sorry, this analogy is rapidly spiraling out of control (and even more confusing for those not familiar with a key plot line from Friends that I randomly chose to reference) and I need to start from the beginning.


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