Pear Lime Mini Pies

I made pies!

Baby pies!

I actually made these pies a long time ago, but I avoided posting them because they require specialized equipment. I generally try to share recipes that are pretty easy to put together both in terms of steps and required tools.

But these are so cute that I just couldn’t help myself any longer.

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Cookies ‘n’ Creme Cake

“Creme” looks like a typo/mispelling of “Cream”, but it’s not.

It’s how the fine folks at Hershey spell the name of their Cookies ‘n’ Creme bar, 6 oz. of which is melted directly into the batter of this cake.

It makes the cake a texture somewhere between a blondie and chocolate chip cookie dough.

Mmm… indeeeed.

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S’mores Cookie Bars

I still remember the first time I ate a roasted marshmallow off of a stick.

There was a nip in the air.. the fire offering a different, deeper kind of comfort than any heating vent could. The flickering turned our shadows into dancing creatures across the flat side of our tent.

Oh wait… not that last part.

I was in the middle of the suburbs, in my friend’s backyard, and the fire was coming out of some fancy clay urn, specifically designed for having fires on a clean, non-rustic patio.

I’ve never been camping.

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Nutella Filled Hazelnut Cookies

I recently discussed how I’m comfortable enough with my baking skills to make substitutions in recipes in a somewhat ‘willy nilly’ fashion, changing aspects of a recipe the very first time I encounter it. Even with this level of confidence in the kitchen, there is still something that… frightens me.


I don’t mean like.. replacing walnuts with pecans. I mean having an idea for something delicious pop into your head with no real recipe and saying..

Yes. I will make that.

This is a whole other level that I do not generally have the confidence for. But I had an idea and it involved nutella. So I had to make it.

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