Fudgey Rolo Cookies

I’m experimenting again!

I had to.

I found Rolo Minis in the candy aisle and knew I had to bake them into something.

They’re such perfect tiny vessels of caramel, allowing for many possibilities. Brownies, cookies, cupcakes… their convenient size makes them easy to insert into all kinds of baked goods.

Due to my crippling indecision, their destiny was determined by Trevor. He picked cookies.

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Four Chocolate Trifle

So I made another boo boo. Take note everyone, if a recipe says you need to use 40% javanese milk chocolate, don’t misread it as simply “milk chocolate”.

You will end up with cloyingly sweet trifle.

I started to cough around the third or forth bite from the sugary coating that had formed around my mouth and throat.

But I still finished my bowl because at the end of the day… it’s a bowl full of chocolate.

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Boston Cream Pie

Pie? Cake? Pie-cake cake-pie?


Ugh… not donut.

A Boston Cream Pie is a wonderful, cream filled, chocolate covered cake, masquerading under the moniker “pie”. I was determined to avoid them as a child, due to a strong dislike for the custard found in the center of a Tim Hortons Boston Cream Donut. I just thought it tasted “weird”, which I’m pretty sure was 7-year-old-me code for “not sugary enough”. I think I had expected it to taste like frosting.

It didn’t help that the “weird” custard had a tendency to ooze everywhere when you bit into the donut.

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Trevor’s Alaska Cookies

When I went to Japan last month, I went with my best girlfriends that I’ve known since middle school. With that, Trevor wasn’t allowed to come along. Woo girls’ trip!

Not wanting to spend 2 weeks by himself at home, he planned his own trip with his brother, to wander around Alaska.

He had amazing time and took some of the most beautiful landscape photos I’ve ever seen. He brought back two pieces of information that he wanted discuss with me.

1 – Husky puppies at sled dog kennels are adorable (omg super jealous).

2 – There was some sort of lemon white chocolate cookie he ate while he was in Alaska that I had to go figure out how to make.

Hmm okay.

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