Raspberry Mascarpone Macarons

A girl sits at a small cafe in paris, nursing a cafe au lait, paired with a plate of beautiful creations.

A baguette, all chewy crust and plush, fluffy crumb.

A croissant, so flakey that it practically explodes in shards of pastry on contact.

A rainbow array of macarons. Pistachio and espresso and lavender, oh my!

I’ve never been this girl, but it is on my bucket list to be this girl. In the meantime I’ve been attempting to be a local version of this girl with my own creations. It’s been working out okay, but my baguettes aren’t quite as crusty, my croissants not quite as flakey, and I’ve been afraid of making macarons for a long time. Afraid of the many ways you could mess them up.

These pale in comparison to anything actually Parisian, but I’m supremely proud of them as a first try.

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Gingerbread Crunch Ice Cream

It’s become that season in Seattle where my scarves are no longer decorative and my suede boots get a heavy coating of waterproofing spray. I begin my slow, but familiar descent into forgetting what the sun looks like and my dog cries as he poops because the sky is giving him an unwarranted bath.

Clearly it’s the season for ice cream.

What’s that, ice cream is for sunny, hot days?


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DoubleTree Hotel Chocolate Chip Cookies

Have you seen that DoubleTree by Hilton commercial? The one with the “warm welcome” in the form of a perfectly round “freshly baked” cookie handed to a man who just dealt with the rigors of travel, finally sighing in relief at the bite of cookie in his mouth? I thought the commercial was cute when I first saw it, but also wondered how generic that cookie was. How many steps removed was it from a frozen Otis Spunkmeyer?

I arrived in Milwaukee for my business trip after passing a number of carefully calculated trials. I successfully sorted my belongings into 3 separate bins on a conveyor belt, displaying the 3oz-bottled toiletry routine for any TSA agent curious enough to discover the magics behind only having 2 errant zits on your face instead of 5. I waited patiently for a seat assignment that didn’t come until after boarding began, despite a stress fidget that was slowly developing in the region of my left leg. I sat in a cramped metal tube which propelled myself at what, in other circumstances, would be noted as an ‘alarming speed’ through the clouds. I managed to only almost forget one of my belongings in the seat pouch in front of me.

After all this, I was that man in the commercial, sighing in finally achieved relaxation due to the cookie goodness making its way through my mouth.

A lot of this could be attributed to a sense of calm from successfully travelling once again, but the cookie deserves some credit too.

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Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies

My work sent me to Milwaukee last week.

It was somewhat of an abrupt trip as it got planned by others while I was in Canada and I was informed I was going the day I got back, which also happened to be only 6 days before the trip.

Add on to this some deep seeded anxieties for rushed planning, unfamiliar locations and airplanes and I was a wacky bundle of nerves.

There may have been stress tears at one point behind dark, private, closed doors. It happens, don’t judge.

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