Mocha Chip Meringues

Mocha Chip Meringues  |  Amandeleine

I don’t like meringues. They’re chalky and they hurt my teeth.

And even the flavoured ones tend to taste like paper. Paper dipped in sugar syrup and left on a hot windowsill to harden.

But it’s not really a fair judgement as I’ve had a lot of supermarket meringues.

These… these are not supermarket meringues.

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Salted Caramel Coffee Macarons

Salted Caramel Coffee Macarons  |  Amandeleine

Even after over 5 years in Seattle, I still suck at drinking unsweetened coffee.

It’s not just black coffee I have trouble downing, but cappuccinos and lattes as well if they don’t have any kind of sugar or syrup. I mean, it’s not as bad as with black coffee, if someone hands me a good latte, I will absolutely drink it. I just still prefer some sort of sweetener.

The thing that has changed over time, is my pickiness with flavoured coffees. Flavour used to be the only way I would down coffee, hazelnut coffee being my original gateway drug.

I now think hazelnut coffee is kind of gross.

And I love hazelnuts.

I don’t understand it, I just know I hate it.

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Grandma’s Springerles

Springerles  |  Amandeleine

Do you know what springerles are?

I had never heard about them, even just in passing, until I started to date Trevor. He grew up with Springerles and has always loved them dearly.

They are an extremely simple, anise flavoured cookie. They only have 4 ingredients, but have a few tricks to them that make them something special.

I’m about to share with you, Trevor’s grandmother’s recipe.

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