Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake  |  Amandeleine

The most stressful thing about baking for a blog is trying to make everything look pretty.

I mean, I always want the end product to look pretty, but I don’t want to have to worry about how the shine of the cherries look in the sunlight and how many crumbs are on my white plate.

Everything takes longer when you’re worried about what angle the whisk is sitting at in your bowl.

But I do it. I do it for your guys.

But sometimes, you can’t even get the final beauty shot.

Exhibit A, above.

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Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies  |  Amandeleine

Make these.

I don’t care what you’re doing, if you have ever loved red velvet in any of its cakey forms, MAKE THESE NOW.

What’s that? You’re a busy lady with no time for whoopie pies? HAH, there’s no such thing. Everyone has time for whoopie pies.


What’s that you say? You’re on a diet? You still need these. It’s okay, blame me, I’m used to being a terrible influence. Besides, I’m on a diet too.

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League of Legends Lulu Cupcakes (Grape Cupcakes with Pomegranate Curd)

League of Legends Lulu Cupcakes  |  Amandeleine

I spend a lot of time baking.

I spend even more time playing video games!

I love to play all kinds (well… I guess I’m not really into sports games) but there’s one game in particular I keep going back to.

League of Legends.

I’m not going to bore you all with the details of the game, but what you do need to know about is Lulu.

Bittersweet Lulu

This is Bittersweet Lulu. She is a magical little purple yordle who likes to get up to mischief. But most importantly… sometimes she turns her enemies into hopping, helpless little cupcakes.

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Banana Chocolate Walnut Cake

Banana Chocolate Walnut Cake  |  Amandeleine

One of the tough things about transitions is that sometimes they can be slow and drawn out. In terms of my home transition, this means for the past month or so (and continuing for the next couple months) I’ve been living in a “staging” house, free of clutter.

A lot of our house “clutter” was an over abundance of kitchen tools, courtesy of me and my interests. So when it came time to put our house up for sale, lots of them went into storage.

Maybe a little more got put into storage than I wanted.

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Gluten-Free Lemon Salt Cupcakes

Gluten Free Lemon Salt  Cupcake - Amandeleine

Trevor and I have been doing some house research the past few weeks. It’s exciting and scary and I can’t wait to leave my tiny kitchen behind. We’re not quite ready to upgrade our condo yet, but we’re gathering information for when we do.

There is one thing I have learned so far… my dream kitchen only exists in multi-million dollar homes.

It’s really quite unfortunate.

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Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes

Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes - Amandeleine

A friend of mine got married recently. She didn’t want to have a particularly big “to-do” of a wedding, so these cupcakes were for the mini congrats that my work setup for her, involving your average amount of office decorating (streamers, coffee filter flowers and confetti), a card and flourless chocolate cupcakes! She may not have wanted a big to-do when she got married, but we gave her a medium to-do two days later, and the city gave her a huge to-do anyways outside of city hall before and after she was married.

They gave hundreds of people a huge to-do on Sunday in Seattle.

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Gingerbread Crunch Ice Cream

It’s become that season in Seattle where my scarves are no longer decorative and my suede boots get a heavy coating of waterproofing spray. I begin my slow, but familiar descent into forgetting what the sun looks like and my dog cries as he poops because the sky is giving him an unwarranted bath.

Clearly it’s the season for ice cream.

What’s that, ice cream is for sunny, hot days?


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Boston Cream Pie

Pie? Cake? Pie-cake cake-pie?


Ugh… not donut.

A Boston Cream Pie is a wonderful, cream filled, chocolate covered cake, masquerading under the moniker “pie”. I was determined to avoid them as a child, due to a strong dislike for the custard found in the center of a Tim Hortons Boston Cream Donut. I just thought it tasted “weird”, which I’m pretty sure was 7-year-old-me code for “not sugary enough”. I think I had expected it to taste like frosting.

It didn’t help that the “weird” custard had a tendency to ooze everywhere when you bit into the donut.

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Matcha Mochi Cakes

I’m back from Japan! And I’m horribly jetlagged!

Woo woo woo!

I’m in one of those moods where I’m a little obnoxiously hyper because I’m overcompensating for the fact that I really just wish I was taking a nap. But I can’t take a nap because that would just make this whole readjustment period longer and I’m already back at work and I just need to go go go go…

Go to BED, I need to go to bed.

No I don’t, It’s like 6pm.

Or DO I?

Oh, before I forget, Japan was AWESOME!

I ate so much food.

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