Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie  |  Amandeleine

I am here to release my secrets on MY PUMPKIN PIE!!

*cue dramatic music*

I know. Big deal.

Except not really. Let me explain.

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Apple Crumble Top Pie

Apple Crumble Top Pie  |  Amandeleine

There’s that saying, “American as apple pie”.

Does that mean I’m breaking some sort of international rule if I make apple pie for Canadian Thanksgiving?

I sure hope not because I made apple pie for Canadian Thanksgiving…

It’s probably cool.

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Dutch Apple Pie Bars

Dutch Apple Pie Bars  |  Amandeleine

Don’t adjust your monitors, this dessert does in fact look eerily similar to last week’s.

I almost didn’t make it for fear that it would appear that I didn’t actually update, but I had to make these.

Last Thursday was Pi Day. And on Pi Day you make pie.

And if you have a lot of folks to share with on Pi Day, making a standard sized pie is insufficient, and instead you must make an entire sheet of pie bars.

Which happen to look a lot like Spiced Oat and Pear Blondies.

Whatever, one cannot have too much baked fruit and oat streusel.

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Key Lime Pie

I hate key limes.

Wait, no, I don’t. Their limey flavour with a particularly tart edge is perfect for baked goods. Perhaps a better way to phrase it is key limes hate me.

No… that’s not it either.

Oh! I know what it is. I hate prepping key limes. I’m a big advocate of doing things “fresh”. Freshly grated nutmeg, fresh instead of frozen berries, freshly squeezed juice… But freshly squeezing enough key limes for a key lime pie?

Urgh. Screw fresh.

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Boston Cream Pie

Pie? Cake? Pie-cake cake-pie?


Ugh… not donut.

A Boston Cream Pie is a wonderful, cream filled, chocolate covered cake, masquerading under the moniker “pie”. I was determined to avoid them as a child, due to a strong dislike for the custard found in the center of a Tim Hortons Boston Cream Donut. I just thought it tasted “weird”, which I’m pretty sure was 7-year-old-me code for “not sugary enough”. I think I had expected it to taste like frosting.

It didn’t help that the “weird” custard had a tendency to ooze everywhere when you bit into the donut.

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Nutella Crack Pie

I’m addicted.

Not to crack. There’s no crack in this pie. “Crack” is being used in a hyperbolic sense in the title to allude to the degree of addictiveness this pie will impart on your mind and soul. (I always feel more eloquent than I actually am when I use words like ‘hyperbolic’)

But as far as I’m concerned, they could have called it “Nutella Pie” and it would have the same effect on me.

I’m addicted to nutella. (I can’t stop baking with it.)

and terrible romantic comedies. (No Strings Attached is a poor man’s Friends With Benefits. I knew this going in and I watched it last night anyway.)

and staring at cute shoes online with my mouse over the ‘Add to Cart’ button. (I just bought the LAST PAIR of these last week. omg so exciting.)

and Pinterest.

Holy crap guys, Pinterest!

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Strawberry Rhubarb Lattice Pie

Well… WordPress just lost the entire post I wrote to go with this pie. I hit “Save Draft” and when the save was completed there was nothing in the editing space whatsoever. And in the HTML view there was just a long list of non-breaking spaces. That happen to anyone else before?

So.. I’m not going to rewrite the entire post. It was mostly explaining my intimidation at making pie top crusts as I have a tendency to always have them come out off-center and not properly vented. This led to the fact that lattice topped pies were somewhat of a baking nemesis of mine, despite my never having made one before.

As you can see above, I overcame and made one! To be honest, the story wasn’t that intriguing, there was no great point of conflict (beyond my own fears), no entertaining sidekick (beyond me making fun of myself), and no star-crossed lovers (beyond my love/hate relationship with pie crust).

I actually took a ton of photos while I was putting the pie together, so instead of attempting to recreate the post I wrote, I’m going to let the photos speak for themselves. (With a couple notes of commentary here and there.)

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Cherry Hand Pies

Trevor’s been asking me to make these ever since he saw me looking over the recipe in Bon Appetit. Little handheld pies, both delicious and convenient, and packed full of plump fresh cherries.

But I put off making them.

Everything was almost perfect, the bing cherries were in season, the recipe was easy (using frozen puff), but I had one issue stopping me.

No cherry pitter.

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