Banana Chocolate Walnut Cake

Banana Chocolate Walnut Cake  |  Amandeleine

One of the tough things about transitions is that sometimes they can be slow and drawn out. In terms of my home transition, this means for the past month or so (and continuing for the next couple months) I’ve been living in a “staging” house, free of clutter.

A lot of our house “clutter” was an over abundance of kitchen tools, courtesy of me and my interests. So when it came time to put our house up for sale, lots of them went into storage.

Maybe a little more got put into storage than I wanted.

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Gingerbread Crunch Ice Cream

It’s become that season in Seattle where my scarves are no longer decorative and my suede boots get a heavy coating of waterproofing spray. I begin my slow, but familiar descent into forgetting what the sun looks like and my dog cries as he poops because the sky is giving him an unwarranted bath.

Clearly it’s the season for ice cream.

What’s that, ice cream is for sunny, hot days?


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Boston Cream Pie

Pie? Cake? Pie-cake cake-pie?


Ugh… not donut.

A Boston Cream Pie is a wonderful, cream filled, chocolate covered cake, masquerading under the moniker “pie”. I was determined to avoid them as a child, due to a strong dislike for the custard found in the center of a Tim Hortons Boston Cream Donut. I just thought it tasted “weird”, which I’m pretty sure was 7-year-old-me code for “not sugary enough”. I think I had expected it to taste like frosting.

It didn’t help that the “weird” custard had a tendency to ooze everywhere when you bit into the donut.

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Matcha Mochi Cakes

I’m back from Japan! And I’m horribly jetlagged!

Woo woo woo!

I’m in one of those moods where I’m a little obnoxiously hyper because I’m overcompensating for the fact that I really just wish I was taking a nap. But I can’t take a nap because that would just make this whole readjustment period longer and I’m already back at work and I just need to go go go go…

Go to BED, I need to go to bed.

No I don’t, It’s like 6pm.

Or DO I?

Oh, before I forget, Japan was AWESOME!

I ate so much food.

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Fondant, Nutella & Transformers

See the lady to my right/on the left side of the picture? That’s Tanya.

She’s one of those girls that you want to hate because she’s way classier/prettier/more put together than you, but you just can’t because she’s so darned sweet.

Seriously though, her classiness intimidates me.

While I barely know what I’m doing in photography (hellooo straight up copying the setups of my favourite food bloggers without understanding it!) Tanya’s camera is epic and her post-processing skills make my head spin. Her flickr makes my photos look like Sears Family Portrait Studio. She took and edited all the photos in this post! There’s a photo of fondant gears below that I can’t stop staring at. For serious.

Oh, also, in her spare time she’s a ballerina.

While she’s perfecting her pas de basque, I’m looking up ballet terms like “pas de basque” to include in a blog post.

But with the being sweet, when she asks where to find a great bakery that sells specialty cakes for her boyfriend, Gerry, and his 30th birthday, you come up with a crazy idea.

WE will make this cake.

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Double Chocolate Double Guinness Bundt Cake (Dairy Free)

On my team at work, we have a system where the person who most recently had a birthday is in charge of arranging some sort of celebration for the next birthday in line. That way everyone gets some birthday fun, but no single person gets burnt out on hunting down birthday cards and candles every few weeks.

But I’ve made it clear to the team that I can’t get burnt out on baking birthday cakes and they can always feel free to come to me for that sort of help. Birthday cakes are one of my favourite things to bake as I love finding all about a single person’s tastes and loves, and finding the perfect cake to make for them.

This week, the only information I had was sparse, but specific.

He loves beer and can’t eat dairy.

Hm. Not my typical list of requirements for cake, but no less exciting.

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Cookies ‘n’ Creme Cake

“Creme” looks like a typo/mispelling of “Cream”, but it’s not.

It’s how the fine folks at Hershey spell the name of their Cookies ‘n’ Creme bar, 6 oz. of which is melted directly into the batter of this cake.

It makes the cake a texture somewhere between a blondie and chocolate chip cookie dough.

Mmm… indeeeed.

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Happy 1st/4th of July!

Happy Canada Day everybody!

Canada Day was yesterday, so I’m a day late. But this actually a recipe more so for a red, white & blue July 4th, so I thought I’d compromise and post between the two, making me too late for Canada Day and too early for Independence Day. It works… sort of.

We’ve already discussed some of the things I miss from Canada. I guess I miss Canada Day too. I love that country and having a day to celebrate it is nice. But it’s okay living here on Canada Day, because I still get my favourite part, just 3 days late.


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