M&M Cheesecake Bars

2 years ago I made Darth Vader cookies to celebrate my 2 year work anniversary! This act was actually bucking tradition. Tradition at my work place is for each year you work at the company, you bring in 1 lb. of M&Ms on your anniversary.

So for my anniversary I brought in 4 lbs. of M&Ms. But they didn’t all arrive there in bags.

Some came in a cheesecake bar.

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Little Oreo Cheesecakes

So remember the Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies? They were decadent, delicious and a little bit ridiculous.

This treat isn’t quite as ridiculous, it’s no “turducken” of the baked good world, but there is an entire Oreo in each cheesecake. Plus a bit more broken up in the batter.

Why have an Oreo crumb crust when you can just have an Oreo as your crust?

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Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake

Here are some things I love in my office right at this moment,  as documented from my camera phone (because I’m too slow in the morning to ever remember to bring my DSLR to work).

The pile of exactly 11 sharpies on my desk

And the fact that at least half of them are running out of ink which makes me feel like a real artist. Even if it was for technical storyboarding.

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