Browned Butter Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

Browned Butter Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies - Amandeleine

Dear lady on the 6:20 bus,

It is rush hour in Seattle. There are a lot of people on this bus. It is cramped, it is crowded, and the fact that it has been raining all day brings a musty, moist quality to the air.

It is rush hour on the express bus to Seattle, and you have decided that the best use for the seat next to you is your noticeably large purse.

I do not care for your purse.

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Espresso-Chocolate Shortbread

I made you cookies!

Well… I wish I made you cookies. It’s hard to bake you things over the internet. Also, even if it was easy to send baked goods over the internet, I’d be lying.

I made me cookies. I totally indulged myself.

It wouldn’t seem that way because these cookies aren’t soft and gooey. They’re not packed with nutella or oozing with salted caramel or any crazy combination of the two.

Oh jeepers… a combo of nutella and salted caramel.. that would be so.. so…

Sorry, drool tangent.

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