Apple Walnut Oatmeal Cookies

Apple Walnut Oatmeal Cookies  |  Amandeleine

Let’s see.. what’s going on with me lately.

I’m 8 episodes into Orange is the New Black… was Donna from That 70s Show always this hot? I think it’s the eyeliner. I love a good cateye.

I’m horribly addicted to threes. My top score is 24,921, which sounds impressive, but not if you hear how often I play.

I’m down 3 out of the 10 pounds I am aiming to lose… and would really rather be eating chocolate than the little bowl (and I do mean little. Prep bowl little) of blueberries next to me.

I love fruit, I do, but a girl needs her chocolate.  Not that I’ve cut out chocolate (I would never), but if you’re trying to shed a lumpy tire, not every single baked good can be oozing with chocolate.

That’s how I gained back the 10 (now 7) I have on.

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Snickerdoodle Bars

Snickerdoodle Bars  |  Amandeleine

Apparently my home buyers aren’t quite as bad as I thought they were?

I mean, my home is still set to sell for less than I think it is worth, but something magical happened recently. Our condo inspection was last week and it went as smooth as it could have been.

I don’t even know how, every person I’ve talked to tells me that when an inspection is done, one of two things happen as a response from their buyers:

  1. “Here are 30 things we feel are broken to some degree. Fix it. Now.”
  2. “Give us $10,000 to fix all the repairs we feel this property needs.”

What we got was a signed, passed inspection with no requests for repairs.


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Snickerdoodles are a more recent discovery for me. I never had one as a kid and I’m not sure if it’s because they’re not very common in Canada (or are they? They’re not common to me..) or because they have no chocolate in them. I always picked the cookies with chocolate as a kid.

To be honest, I think I liked normal chocolate chip cookies better than chocolate chocolate chip cookies when I was little, but always picked the latter because the idea of ever turning down an opportunity for MORE chocolate was an idea of PURE MADNESS as far as I was concerned.

I honestly don’t remember ever hearing about “snickerdoodles” until an episode of Veronica Mars (INCREDIBLE show if you’re not familiar!) where the main character bakes some for her best friend.

I’m pretty sure that was my first encounter with them because I distinctly remembering turning to Trevor and asking, “What’s a snickerdoodle, other than a funny word?”

“You don’t know?”

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