Browned Butter Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

Browned Butter Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies - Amandeleine

Dear lady on the 6:20 bus,

It is rush hour in Seattle. There are a lot of people on this bus. It is cramped, it is crowded, and the fact that it has been raining all day brings a musty, moist quality to the air.

It is rush hour on the express bus to Seattle, and you have decided that the best use for the seat next to you is your noticeably large purse.

I do not care for your purse.

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Toasted Coconut Cake

It’s Amandeleine’s 1st anniversary!

No it’s not, I’m lying.

It was Amandeleine’s 1st anniversary over a month ago. On June 8th. But for some reason I thought the anniversary was sometime in July, and when I looked it up a few days ago, I learned I was wrong.


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Banana Coconut Muffins

Trevor and I are having a lazy weekend.

As I type, we’re sitting in a coffee shop, sun pouring through the windows, paper cups of delicious caffeine by our side. Trevor is rotating between reading a book and playing video games. I’m carefully editing photos and now writing this blog post. The only sad part of it all is that we’re not basking directy in the (rare) Seattle sun at one of the patio tables. Editing photos in the sun is not realistic. All the colours start to look the same. The same colour of sun glare on a laptop screen.

Maybe we’ll be out there later with the pups.

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O Canada, We Miss Nanaimo Bars…

There a lot of things I miss from Canada now that I live in Seattle. My friends and family of course. The snowy months leading up to December that made it feel completely Christmassy. The word “washroom”. Being able to instinctively say sorry when other people bump into me without it being strange (apparently Canadians are just as weirdly polite as sit-coms always told us we were).

Then there’s all the foods I have yet to see in supermarkets here.

Fudgee-Os, Half-Moons, Mint Aeros, Fuzzy Peaches, Coffee Crisp, Wine Gums, ketchup chips, maple sandwich cookies..

A lot of junk food it would seem. 

Oh and President’s Choice white cheddar mac & cheese. So many university meals…

One of Trevor’s favourite Canadian treats is a little less packaged than the things on my list. I can create it in the kitchen instead of unsuccessfully hunting it down in a supermarket.

Nanaimo Bars.

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