Cookies ‘n’ Creme Cake

“Creme” looks like a typo/mispelling of “Cream”, but it’s not.

It’s how the fine folks at Hershey spell the name of their Cookies ‘n’ Creme bar, 6 oz. of which is melted directly into the batter of this cake.

It makes the cake a texture somewhere between a blondie and chocolate chip cookie dough.

Mmm… indeeeed.

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Little Oreo Cheesecakes

So remember the Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies? They were decadent, delicious and a little bit ridiculous.

This treat isn’t quite as ridiculous, it’s no “turducken” of the baked good world, but there is an entire Oreo in each cheesecake. Plus a bit more broken up in the batter.

Why have an Oreo crumb crust when you can just have an Oreo as your crust?

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Cookies ‘n Cream Scones

Cookies 'n Cream Scones

I had a hankering for scones.

The problem with scones is how clearly designated they are to breakfast.. and maybe tea time. I often choose to smudge the meal lines, eating pancakes for dinner or cereal for dessert.. (mmm chocolate cheerios…) but something about the standard scone makes it so very breakfast for me. Perhaps it’s how “proper” a scone feels and its association with Britain. If you’re not eating it at breakfast, there better be a teacup in your other hand, or somewhere out there the Queen would just know, a frown slowly drifting across her face.

Perhaps I’m being a little theatrical here, but just to be safe, what if you could do something to change this view? Jazzed it up some so it would already be a little more laid back and little less proper by the time you got to it. Something that said, nuh uh, no tea drinking with me, you need milk. Maybe even some black coffee. Or tea if you really want to… y’know, whatever, s’cool. What could possibly give it this laid back attitude?

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